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Workplace Assessments- and How to Make Them Actually Work

When it comes to assessment, companies look to review every aspect of the organization, some using a comb with fine enough teeth to catch every minute detail. P&L statements, earnings reports, revenue numbers, and other financial elements are scrutinized (and rightfully so) to an incredible degree. But what about assessing the very generators of these results – your workforce?

Companies everywhere are using workplace assessments, but are they using them correctly? Are they measuring what they should be measuring? Are they using personality assessments for hiring [1] (a no-no)? Are they losing out on effectiveness by simply being content to look at assessments through the prism of employee engagement and not employee development?

These are all questions to ask of employee assessments and workplace assessments – the answers aren’t easy or perfect. What we can answer, though, are key ideas to execution to ensure that workplace assessments give companies bang for their buck.

On a pre-employment assessment basis [1], making hiring assessments work starts with three key principles:

It’s all about hiring for fit and testing for what you need [3] now in order to find that precise fit. On a talent management and employee development level, making assessments work means getting these things right:

Making workplace assessments work is, well, hard work. But the payoffs are huge, so think about how to do it with your own company.