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The Power of WE: A Focus on Team Performance

I find it interesting that, despite the fact that team performance [1] is often cited as critical to a company’s success, much of the training curriculum delivered within organizations has traditionally focused on individual leadership development [2].

While it is vitally important to teach your employees how to build on their strengths, manage and support direct reports and become effective leaders in their own right, learning and development departments should also consider how team trainings can improve working relationships, collective performance as well as increase productivity and profits.

When teams operate successfully, the financial and nonfinancial results are impressive. According to McKinsey [3], when executive teams work together towards a common vision, they are nearly two times more likely to achieve above-median financial performance.

SHRM [4] describes how high-performing teams typically demonstrate a strong work ethic and commitment to achieving goals for their company and for each other. High-performing teams also do more than simply manage conflict; they leverage it to improve outcomes and decisions.

At Emergenetics, we understand just how important it is to fully engage your team and train them to do more than just cooperate. We agree with Henry Ford who once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

When your team is truly working collaboratively, meaning that they use each other’s strengths, engage each other’s diverse ways of thinking and behaving and even ask each other difficult questions, better solutions are achieved.

Understanding that high-performance within teams is important to a company’s overall success, learning and development departments are now asking how to get people who may think and behave very differently to work together productively.

That is where team-based employee training makes a huge difference, and that is where Emergenetics’ Power of WE workshops can come in.

To support companies in building strong teams and ultimately improving company performance, we recently launched our new Power of WE workshops. The workshops focus on the opportunity companies and teams have to create a culture of high-performance. Our newest workshops are:

Through the Power of WE, employees use the Emergenetics lens to learn how to appreciate and utilize the cognitive diversity within their team, department and organization to take the first steps toward driving performance. With interactive exercises and discussions, groups create personal and team action plans to put the workshops to work, helping your company see a direct return on the investment of these training programs.

As you look toward your 2018 training and development calendar, I encourage you to think about how your curriculum supports individual leadership as well as team development. By striking a balance through training programs, you can help drive significant results for your company.

If you’re interested in learning how to incorporate team-based trainings into your Training and Development curriculum, contact us today [5]!