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Whether you’ve had your Emergenetics Profile or not, you might have plenty of questions about the tool and its applications. Here are top 10 popular questions people usually ask about Emergenetics.

1. What is the Emergenetics Profile?

The Emergenetics Profile reveals your patterns of thinking and patterns of behaviour.

These patterns are your brain’s preferences, also known as tendencies, habits, pathways. They emerge from BOTH your genetics (DNA) and your life experiences.

Trivia: The Emergenetics Profile is the work of Dr Geil Browning and Dr Wendell Williams. They derived the term from the field of study called “Emergenesis”.

2. How Did The Emergenetics Profile Come About?

Dr Geil Browning and Dr Wendell Williams wanted to figure out a way to simply understand why people think and behave the way they do.

They developed a questionnaire, read hundreds of studies, tested over 10,000 people from diverse populations, analysed the data they collected, made refinements, checked for validity and reliability, before the final questionnaire was completed in 1991.

3. How Valid Is The Emergenetics Profile?

To determine if a psychometric instrument can be trusted, professionals look at validity and reliability.

Validity means “does the tool measure what it is supposed to measure?”.

Reliability means “does the tool provide consistent and accurate measurements?”

Today they have tested over half a million people. However, a test of this sort is never finished, and they update the global norms every two years.

The database includes answers from over 30% of subjects outside the United States.

Trivia: The technical report can be found published on our website.

4. How does the profile compare to other tools?

This is never an easy question to answer because:

  • There are too many tools out there
  • The Emergenetics Profile integrates well with many of these tools

Here are some key differentiating factors:


Showing Action Points



Showing Action Points 2


5. What are the Thinking and Behavioural attributes?

There are 4 Thinking and 3 Behavioural attributes, which can be explained in the diagram below:


Action Points

6. How do I read the Emergenetics Profile report?

Action Points with details


1. The Pie Chart coloured in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow is derived from your percentiles, and illustrates how your thinking preferences compare to each other. It reflects, in percentages, the extent to which you rely on the four Thinking Attributes.


2. Bar charts in four colours show your Thinking Attributes in percentiles. Analytical thinking is shown in Blue, Structural thinking in Green, Social thinking in Red and Conceptual thinking in Yellow. You can see at a glance the amount of energy you invest in Analytical, Structural, Social and Conceptual thinking. The bars also show how your individual results compare to the population at large.


3. Bar charts in shades of purple illustrate your Behavioural Attributes in percentiles. You can see at a glance the extent to which you exhibit Expressiveness, Assertiveness and Flexibility. The bars also show how your results compare to the population at large.

7. How do I use the Emergenetics Profile at a personal level?

The first thing you should do is to download the Emergenetics+ app!





Understand your profile well and reflect on a few questions that might be useful:

  • Does the profile resonate with me?
  • In which situations do my profile work for me? Work against me?
  • What are my brilliances?
  • What are my challenges?
  • How do I prefer others to communicate with me?

8. How do I use Emergenetics within a team?

You could use the Emergenetics+ app to compare profiles with team mates, OR:

Look deeper into team dynamics via 2 group reports:

  • Combined Group Report
  • Dot Graph

Group Action Points

Group Action graph

9. How do I use the tool within an organisation?

There are many programmes and applications we can roll out in an organisation. It depends on your desired outcomes and learning objectives.

Here are a few we have successfully achieved:

Action Points 3

10. Is the Emergenetics Profile only a psychometric instrument?

The profile is more than just an instrument. It can be used as a framework for integrating into business or personal processes such as strategic planning or goal setting, or even planning a vacation!

At a larger level, we hope for Emergenetics to be a way of life. That we could emergineer organisations at every level such that Emergenetics becomes the language that is used to communicate with each member of that organization.

To impact culture.

To empower positive change.







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