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Our co-founder, Dr. Geil Browning, was inspired to create Emergenetics after serving as an elementary school teacher and principal. She knew that if she could understand the ways her students preferred to learn she could have had a greater impact on their educational experience. Based on the foundation of the Emergenetics Profile, a complementary questionnaire is available for learners ages 10 – 18 to generate their personalized Youth Report.

Equipping adults with information about how the kids they teach, coach and counsel prefer to think and behave creates endless possibilities for differentiated learning inside and outside the classroom. Our programming equips educators, school staff and counselors to meet the needs of each kid, create inclusive environments that empower youth with essential social emotional and social awareness skills to support their long-term success.

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To help kids better understand their gifts, respect the brilliances of others and improve their life and learning skills, we offer several solutions.

Youth Discovery Workshop 

Designed to enhance learner agency, advocacy and engagement, the Youth Discovery Workshop celebrates the strengths of every Youth Report. Through engaging activities, participants learn the value of differences and gain tools to advocate for their needs inside and outside of their learning environments. 

Celebrate You(th): A Social Emotional Learning Curriculum 

The supplemental curriculum allows educators to use Youth Reports to expand learners’ social emotional skills. Implementing the turnkey lessons aligned with the five CASEL competencies, teachers can create the foundation for positive educational climates and student success.

Moon Base Rescue 

Our social awareness lesson kit uses an engaging educational game to help kids empathize with different viewpoints, build effective communication skills and learn the benefits of productive collaboration. Available for individual purchase or licensable to schools, educational institutions and nonprofits, the lesson kit is a powerful supplement to any social emotional learning curriculum.

Emergenetics in Action

“I've seen teachers embrace it and love it. It's a seamless thing. It really helps you connect to your students and understand where they're coming from, which means learning will be improved as a result.”

Debbie Canning | Teacher Resource Training Specialist, Polk County School District

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