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Use thinking and behavioral insights to support social-emotional learning.

Educators are asked to do a lot. They are champions of academic achievement, exceptional instruction and lifelong learning. They are trusted advisors for students as well as colleagues. They are creators of communities where staff, students and parents feel safe, supported and valued.

Schools and districts have the responsibility of shaping the futures for students, families and communities around the globe, which is no small feat for the administrators and educators leading these organizations.

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As you seek to build nurturing and high-achieving environments for staff and students, Emergenetics can help. Through our assessments, workshops and Certifications, we have helped K-12 schools and districts transform educational practices.

Districts and schools most commonly look to Emergenetics to:

  • Enhance collaboration and communication among administrators, teachers and students
  • Empower administrators and educators to advance asset-based thinking
  • Improve instruction and classroom dynamics with strategies to increase student engagement and social emotional learning
  • Promote cognitive diversity, inclusion and a positive school climate and culture
  • Provide students with the language to advocate for themselves and their learning needs

Get Started with Emergenetics

Create professional development opportunities for your staff with one of our signature learning programs:

Team Dynamics for Small Groups

Three to nine participants

Our introductory virtual workshop empowers attendees to discover their personal and collective brilliances. Providing a foundational understanding of Emergenetics, Team Dynamics for Small Groups delivers concrete tools to enhance communication, strengthen collaboration and build positive working relationships.

Meeting of the Minds

10 or more participants

Our signature workshop – the Meeting of the Minds – can be delivered virtually or in person. Attendees discover their strengths and those of their colleagues while schools gain practical tools to enhance working relationships and create inclusive cultures. Designed for adult learners, the program’s content is simple to understand, immediately applicable and engaging to all!

All program participants complete our scientifically valid and reliable assessment: the Emergenetics Profile, to reveal the ways they prefer to think and behave. With greater self-awareness and knowledge of the seven Emergenetics Attributes, staff discover their strengths, learn to communicate more effectively and embrace diversity of thought.

Expand Your Application of Emergenetics

You can quickly and easily integrate Emergenetics based on the objectives and goals of your district and school:

Certification Programs

We offer unique Certification programs for teachers and administrators to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to:

  • Promote inclusive, positive school and classroom cultures
  • Maximize professional and leadership development for staff
  • Differentiate instructional practices and enhance social-emotional learning
  • Facilitate Emergenetics programming to sustain your investment

Youth Discovery Program

Our program is designed to enhance student agency, advocacy and engagement. Students ages 10 – 18 can get a personalized Youth Report and participate in a Youth Discovery workshop. Educators may build on these insights using Celebrate You(th): A Social Emotional Learning Curriculum to integrate Emergenetics theory and SEL into their classrooms. Through the Youth Discovery Program, students will:

  • Gain insights into their strengths and identity
  • Collaborate and communicate more effectively with others
  • Value differences and seek out cognitive diversity
  • Learn to advocate for their learning preferences

Emergenetics in Action

“I vividly remember anxiously waiting for the results of my Emergenetics Youth Report. I remember tearing open the envelope and being overwhelmed with red and yellow colors. I felt astonished staring down at the words Social and Conceptual as my two largest Attributes, suddenly I began to understand something remarkable about myself...that I am meant to be me—Social and Conceptual—every single day of the week.”

Brady | Student

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