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In recent weeks, I’ve seen multiple headlines about the decline in employee satisfaction. The reports have come about because of the steady decrease in staff Net Promoter Scores (eNPS), which evaluate how workers respond to the question: 

It’s important to take note because the eNPS does more than just signal the overall contentment employees may be feeling at a point in time. It can also be an indicator of future performance. If the eNPS remains low, it’s more likely that the organization will face challenges in engaging team members, retaining talent and hiring new staff, adding up to significant long-term costs for the company. 

Leaders have an opportunity to avoid these impacts by making workplace happiness a priority. However, even when executives and managers are on board, one obstacle that may still present itself is the fact that different factors will drive satisfaction for different people. With varying needs and motivations, it can be difficult to know where to begin. 

One way to holistically consider the ingredients of workforce happiness is to use the Emergenetics® Attributes. Every person possesses some degree of preference for each of the Thinking and Behavioral styles, so leaders can utilize the insights from the Attributes to identify essential practices that will contribute to a positive employee experience. 

Two talking bubbles icon#1 – Make Sure All Voices Can Be Heard

Individuals generally like to have some sense of autonomy and control over their work. Ensuring that team members may weigh in on important decisions impacting their jobs and soliciting employee inputs to help set policies and direction is vital to overall satisfaction. Considering the spectrum of Expressiveness, be mindful to offer multiple ways for personnel to contribute their thoughts so that every voice – and not just the loudest – has an opportunity to be heard.  

Car icon#2 – Maintain a Sustainable Pace

To keep employees content, it’s essential to care for their mental well-being. Using the lens of Assertiveness, assess the volume of work personnel are taking on. Do they have enough to keep them mentally stimulated? Is there so much on their plates that they are not able to complete their responsibilities in a typical day? Finding a balance between these extremes supports engagement.  In the times when the workload may be overwhelming, be sure to build in periods of rest for staff, so they can moderate their pace. 

Arrow on sign pointing in different directions icon#3 – Adapt to Change Responsibly

The Flexibility Attribute examines how people react to imposed change. Some are energized by staying the course, while some like to keep their options open. Others fall in between the two ends. Executives can speak to all Flexibility preferences by doing their best to create a sense of stability when they have made a commitment, while also advocating for change when it is backed by sound reasoning. 

NewAnalytical#4 – Respect Employees as Authorities

The Analytical Attribute values expertise – both in terms of being respected for its own knowledge as well as appreciating that of others. When individuals can work in an environment where their skills are utilized and appreciated, and they have a chance to partner with other experts in their respective fields, it will promote satisfaction. 

Pen On Paper#5 – Create Clear Pathways to Success

When employees feel accomplished, it fuels fulfillment. The Structural Attribute offers guidance to create this sense of achievement by reminding executives and supervisors to set clear expectations for personnel, define achievable goals and provide guidelines to support advancement. 

People talking bubbles icon#6 – Encourage Connections

Through the lens of the Social Attribute, happiness often comes from building strong relationships with others. Spend time cultivating positive connections within the company through activities like investing in team building initiatives, creating peer-to-peer recognition channels or designing mentorship programs. 

Light bulb with brain inside icon#7 – Align Tasks with a Meaningful Vision

The Conceptual Attribute typically appreciates contributing to something bigger than oneself. By regularly reinforcing the vision and values of the business while also making connections between an individual’s work and the core tenets of the company, leaders can increase the contentment of their workforce. 

Creating an engaging experience for staff begins by understanding the distinct ways that they prefer to think and behave. Using employee engagement tools, like Emergenetics, empowers anyone in the organization to tailor their approach to better motivate and energize their people by honoring their employees’ interests and needs. As a result, they will build happier, more productive workplaces. 

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