After a few Meeting of the Minds workshops, many Emergenetics® Associates begin to wonder: what’s next? How can I expand on this program? How can I tap into the enthusiasm of my workshop attendees and help them continue to make Emergenetics part of their everyday work?

There are many ways you can expand on Meeting of the Minds. Here are six easy ways to build on the positive impact of the workshop experience.

1. Encourage Meeting of the Minds attendees to post their Profiles at their desks.

When individuals have a visual reminder of the Emergenetics Profile, it keeps the lessons from the Meeting of the Minds top of mind. When fellow workshop attendees stop by each other’s desks, the visual will help them remember how best to approach each other. It can also serve as a conversation starter for those who have yet to attend a workshop. Participants can share about their preferences and help others learn how best to work with them.

2. Use the Most Preferred Attribute (MPA), Least Preferred Attribute (LPA) and Behavioral Line-Up activities in meetings.

We use these three activities frequently at our own staff meetings at Emergenetics. As new faces join the organization and teams change, it’s helpful to circle back to these activities and uncover the most and least preferred thinking Attributes represented within the team. It’s also useful to continually recognize where our staff members fall across the spectrum of behaviors.

Use these activities with your organization or teams to reflect on what Attributes are represented and what strengths you can utilize from these preferences. You can also identify what Thinking and Behavioral Preferences may be under-represented, and discuss what considerations your team should make to ensure that the gifts and needs of every preference are not forgotten.

3. Invite participants to connect with colleagues on the Emergenetics+ app.

By downloading and using the Emergenetics+ app, Meeting of the Minds participants have a tangible, practical way to implement Emergenetics. Once you connect with colleagues, you can get customized tips to improve communication, interactions and collaboration based on their preferences. Encourage individuals to use the app before going into one-on-one meetings to make them more effective.

Associates can also create group Profiles to understand the preferences of teams they are working with as well as download job aids from our portal to help you use Emergenetics in everyday interactions.

4. Lead Emergenetics activities at team meetings.

Work with team leads and managers to identify opportunities for an Associate to join team meetings and take 15 to 20 minutes to lead an Emergenetics-related activity. Your Certification manual has several engaging activities that you can use to encourage participants to lean into different Emergenetics Attributes to help them understand the gifts of each preference as well as improve communication and collaboration with team members.

5. Share Emergenetics job aids with individual departments or the entire staff.

To help employees improve collaboration and increase effectiveness, review an Emergenetics job aid with the staff. You can download job aids from Emergenetics+ and post them to a department’s or organization’s Intranet site, or email them to staff members. These resources will help individuals discover how to use the Emergenetics Attributes to more effectively give feedback, run a successful meeting, set goals, resolve conflict and more.

6. Host a Power of WE workshop.

After the Meeting of the Minds, our two-hour Power of WE workshops help teams apply Emergenetics to work together more effectively and successfully.

The most natural next step following a Meeting of the Minds is our Power of WE Accelerating Team Performance workshop, which helps intact teams or larger employee groups discover how to utilize each other’s strengths to improve their performance.

We also deliver workshops that use Emergenetics to solve for common workplace challenges including:

  • Fostering Innovation to support leaders, teams and groups of employees who are tasked with developing new business strategies, product creation and problem solving.
  • Managing Change to help teams learn change management strategies to navigate implementing new ways of doing business, handle mergers and acquisitions, address changes in leadership and more.
  • Building Trust to provide strategies to establish connected teams and create a supportive and collaborative environment.
  • Respecting Differences to help teams recognize the importance of cognitive diversity and utilize each other’s strengths.
  • Crafting Team Norms to support intact, cross-functional or project teams in defining their rules of engagement and ultimately improve performance.

As you look for ways to expand on the Meeting of the Minds, try using a number of these recommendations to ensure that the lessons from your workshops extend beyond the time in your training room.

To discuss more ways you can expand on Meeting of the Minds, fill out the form below to connect with our team.

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