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Organizing your people so that everyone is on the same track and working together toward a particular goal is crucial to business success. It’s building consensus. Teamwork. Collaboration. But, it isn’t just about social, relational thinking and leadership. Notice the first word of this blog—Organizing. Sometimes, the most collaborative element of work has to come from a place of detail and structure.

And, it goes beyond even building consensus. Think about the vision of an organization, and how critical it is to align your workforce on that vision. As organizations grow and morph, visioning and alignment gets increasingly more difficult. With so many different teams and people doing so many different things, Structural Thinking can be what sets leadership apart.

How do you boost the people power of your organization through structure and organizing?

  • Have a meeting once a week with your employees—do it at a set time.
  • Make this and other critical meetings a part of everyone’s schedule
  • Send an agenda with objectives
  • Use the meeting as a team exercise used to re-align and re-focus
  • Ask specifically for new ideas ahead of time and provide time for prep
  • Send follow-up notes around completion initiatives

Instituting a structure that allows people to come together and that facilitates learning and innovation is going to help you drive your business.

Use the Structural part of your brain and your management style to get consensus…no matter how many people work for your organization.

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