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If you think about any experience in your life that has brought you joy, you know that happiness is immeasurable. What happens when we incorporate this happiness into the workforce?

Hardworking and happy employees can lead to triumphant results with productivity and profitability. According to this recent Forbes Article, happy employees are 50% more productive and 50% more motivated.

These levels of business results start with building a positive and encouraging corporate culture and fostering passionate leaders that engage hard-working, effective teams. A positive culture can be built on the following key areas:

Employee Recognition:
Everyone covets Praise. We want to hear that we’re doing well. It’s one of the easiest things to give. Praise, whether from a CEO, a colleague, or a client goes a lot farther than we may think. It offers support and opens channels to communication. Once this level of comfort is established, you create a new vibe within your work team – they become committed to growing and improving the company!

Emergenetics Founder and CEO Dr. Geil Browning recently published this Article for Inc. magazine detailing more in-depth ways that CEO’s should thank their employees.

Never criticize. Criticism can de-motivate. Find avenues that maintain comfort yet still provide approaches to improvement. By learning from mistakes with encouragement, communication is never hindered. Ask, “Was that the best way to approach the problem? Do you have any ideas on what could have been done differently? I would love to engage on what we can do next time.”

Work-Life Balance:
Maintain a happy, effective workforce by encouraging employees to integrate work with their outside interests and hobbies. Form a company dodge-ball team or run a 5K together. Camaraderie outside the office is great in cultivating relationships with colleagues. It is through these relationships that dialogue and success stem!

Utilize Your Distinct Employee Strengths:
Emergenetics encourages companies to incorporate individual’s thinking and behavior preferences into the corporate culture! By engaging people’s strengths and understanding how they orchestrate for success, you can discover new and effective ways of motivating those around you.

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