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“I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness—it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude.” – Brené Brown 

Taking a second to pause and express appreciation has the power to stimulate greater fulfillment. Studies have revealed that being thankful can increase well-being and self-esteem as well as lead to professional benefits like reduced employee turnover and more effective management styles.  

As we enter a time of year typically associated with gratitude, I invite you to think about what you’re thankful for. One place to look is right in front of you – starting with your brilliant colleagues, family and friends. 

The Emergenetics Attributes allow us to recognize that every person has their own distinct Thinking and Behavioral preferences, which are truly gifts. Cognitive diversity improves decision-making and can even enhance innovation by up to 20%. It also enables groups to spot risks, reducing them by up to 30%. (Deloitte).  

In honor of the season, let’s give a little gratitude to each Attribute! 

A Few of the Reasons to Celebrate Each Preference 

NewAnalyticalThe Gift of Research
Those with an Analytical preference often get energy from diving into analysis, seeking out the best value and answering the question: “Why?”  

Professionally, people with this inclination may show their strengths by finding the most viable, efficient strategy and sharing the data supporting the logical conclusion they have identified.  

Personally, those with an Analytical leaning may pinpoint the best deals in the market through research of the options and analysis of pricing, special offers, user reviews and comparing alternatives. 

Pen On PaperThe Gift of Coordination

The Structural Attribute brings a much-needed sense of order. People with a Structural preference often are detail-oriented and seek to understand the question: “How?”  

In the workplace, a Structural Thinking style may support an initiative by building a plan, complete with color-coded to-do lists that offer clarity on roles, tasks and projects.  

Outside of the office, Structural Thinkers may take joy in cleaning out a closet, building a piece of furniture or creating a thorough itinerary for a trip or outing.  

People talking bubbles iconThe Gift of Compassion

People with a Social preference often want to involve all the right players in any situation. They typically display care for the collective and prioritize the question: “Who?” 

At work, Social Thinkers may shine by checking-in on their colleagues and being quick to recognize their coworkers’ achievements. 

At home, this Attribute often effortlessly creates space for connection and ensures that the needs of others are valued.  

Light bulb with brain inside iconThe Gift of Experimentation
Conceptual Thinkers generally embrace the unconventional and out-of-the-box concepts. They seek to answer the question: “What if?”. 

Professionally, we can appreciate that those with a Conceptual preference are often willing to try new things or sketch out novel ideas to refresh existing practices. 

Personally, Conceptual Thinkers may show their brilliance by gifting something handmade or sharing a rare perspective to inspire a new direction or sense of adventure.  

Two talking bubbles iconThe Value of Expressiveness

Those who are first-third Expressive are typically quiet and contemplative, while third-third Expressiveness often shows up as lively and animated. People in the second-third may adopt either style based on the circumstances. 

In the workplace, a first-third preference for Expressiveness brings the gift of brevity by speaking with intention. Those with a third-third preference can bring vivacious energy and break the ice in meetings. 

At home, individuals in the first-third of Expressiveness often hold a safe space for the thoughts of others, while third-third Expressives may eagerly share their feelings, leaving little question about what’s on their mind.  

Car iconThe Value of Assertiveness

First-third Assertiveness is usually peace-keeping and steady, and third-third Assertiveness tends to apply a driving energy and directly shares inputs. Individuals in the second-third may display the strengths of both preferences depending on the situation. 

Professionally, the gift of a first-third preference often comes from its commitment to ensuring that every voice is heard before a decision is made. Third-third Assertiveness may be appreciated for its willingness to engage in lively debate or moving quickly to beat a deadline.  

Personally, first-third Assertive tendencies may come to life as individuals seek consensus when friends or family are making plans for the holidays. Those in the third-third may take the reins to limit indecision.   

Arrow on sign pointing in different directions iconThe Value of Flexibility

People in the first-third of the Flexibility spectrum typically gain energy when options narrow. Individuals in the third-third generally like to remain open to changes at any time, and those with second-third preferences may use either approach. 

At work, first-third Flexible teammates often reveal their brilliance by seeing a long-term project through to completion, and those in the third-third may effortlessly adjust when timelines shift.  

At home, people with first-third Flexible inclinations can serve as powerful accountability partners. Individuals with third-third tendencies may display their capacity to change course and adapt to changing circumstances.  

In addition to celebrating the diverse strengths that come with every Thinking and Behavioral preference this season, I invite you to remember that the things that come naturally to some may be a challenge to others, and all perspectives are valid and important. 

If you would like to both acknowledge and show your appreciation for colleagues, family or friends, one easy way to do so is to lean into your strengths and offer an act of service. Any of the suggestions noted above may be a welcome help to those who do not share your preferences! 

Discover how Emergenetics can empower you to embrace the value of different perspectives.  

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