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Resonance. Motivation. Engagement. Emotional Quotient.

These are words that, for some reason, I have been hearing quite often in recent weeks. Yes, they are all words that often come up when discussing topics like leadership, or organisation development, or employee engagement. But, another common thread is that these are all intangible terms, or innate characteristics of a person.

It got me thinking about how complex people are. On the surface, it is probably quite easy to describe your best pals, your spouse, or co-workers. “This is Peter, he’s my husband, he’s 5 foot 11, wears size 8 shoes, has brown hair and blue eyes”, or “This is Lydia, she’s my best friend! She’s hardworking, great with people and oh-so-funny!”

Beyond the surface though, it takes some thought. “Peter loves adventure. He often is motivated when faced with a challenge or a difficult task. He loves solving problems.” “Lydia values hard work. She believes that hard work is the key to success and happiness. She is happiest when connecting with people with similar values and is at her best when her relationships are harmonious.”

Different inner motivations drive different people. This makes complete sense when you think about it, but unfortunately, in many organisations, or even in our day-to-day attempts at relating to others, it’s something that is easily forgotten.

Imagine a world where people are motivated (in their own unique way) to do what they love. Imagine the potential that could be realised. Imagine that amount of happiness and joy that could be experienced. Imagine what results that could be achieved.

It’s hard to imagine because we are faced with reality. Daily.

But, if we all learn how to possibly tap into other’s inner motivations, or how we can increase our resonance with others which might help us form deeper connections, perhaps reality and imagination might converge. Maybe it is possible to realise the potential of people. Maybe it starts with understanding one’s self, and realising one’s potential.

Organisation Development (OD) and Human Resources (HR) practitioners, coaches, trainers and facilitators all over the world rely on various approaches to help individuals, teams and organisations fulfill their potential and drive results. Psychometric instruments, like the Emergenetics Profile, are a good starting point for self-awareness and learning about motivations. But there are also frameworks, strategies, and other tools that can be applied. Often, it is a concoction or medley of various tools meshed together that is the key to unlocking potential and driving results.

The question is, how do we get there?

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“With realisation of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” – Dalai Lama.

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