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As the workplace experience evolves, one trend that seems well-positioned to hold steady is the drive to engage in meaningful work. 70% of employees report that their sense of purpose is largely defined by their job. Those that find significance in their daily tasks and projects tend to report better personal and business outcomes, such as improved job satisfaction, achievement and energy.

Helping staff find meaning in their roles can strengthen employee engagement and retention initiatives, and yet many leaders may not be sure where to start. After all, every person has their own motivations and interests that contribute to their ethos.

While that may be true, there are opportunities to gain insight into employees’ needs. With an understanding of the ways individuals prefer to think and behave, people can take action to find greater importance and relevance in their positions. Take some advice from the Emergenetics® Attributes to amplify purpose.

NewAnalyticalNote the Return on Investment

If a person has an Analytical preference, they will often view their impact in terms of the value that it delivers. This estimation could come in the form of traditional returns like the effect of their work on the bottom line. It can also be realized through other strategic improvements, such as building expertise or driving efficiencies.

Pen On PaperDescribe the Worthwhile Outcomes

From the lens of the Structural Attribute, it is helpful to be specific in terms of their output and the results. Making a linear connection between the initiatives that an individual is involved in and the practical outcomes that will lead to the organization’s success can drive their engagement.

People talking bubbles iconSpeak to Stakeholder Relationships

Social thinkers tend to feel like they are making more meaningful contributions when they understand how their efforts will support others. Explaining who will benefit from their work, such as colleagues, direct reports, customers or community, can promote significance.

Light bulb with brain inside iconAlign to the Future Possibilities

People with a Conceptual preference are often inspired by the opportunity to take part in something new that will contribute to long-term outcomes. By making connections between their responsibilities and the new possibilities unlocked through their efforts, they are likely to feel a stronger affinity for their jobs.

Two talking bubbles iconEnsure Each Person Is Heard

It is important to give each team member a voice and to be clear about how their thoughts, opinions and ideas are being considered and utilized to further the team or the organization to support the Expressiveness Attribute.

Car iconConsider the Style

Be mindful to appreciate different speeds and approaches to honor the Assertiveness preferences of staff. Those in the first-third will feel more engaged when they make steady contributions, while those in the third-third will likely prefer to see quick wins and immediate impact. Making connections to both will encourage second-third employees.

Arrow on sign pointing in different directions iconExplore the Variables

When considering the Flexibility preferences of individuals, it is helpful to explain the influence of the changes they are making. Support the first-third by celebrating the lasting effect their actions will have. Third-third staff may feel more purposeful when they are recognized for their constant iterations. To engage the second-third, make mention of both areas of consistency and future adaptation.

How to Apply these Takeaways from the Attributes

With a better understanding of what impact looks like to each preference, there are many ways to bring this understanding to life to stimulate purpose-driven action, including:

  • Boosting personal engagement
  • Coaching managers
  • Supporting teams

Boosting Personal Engagement

Any individual with an Emergenetics Profile can use the tips above to amplify their own motivation. Reviewing the list, employees can take inspiration from their preferred Attributes and reframe their work to better align with their inherent interests.

Emergenetics Associates may also use this information in one-on-one coaching sessions. Using their coachee’s Emergenetics Profile, Associates may share ideas to help each individual find greater significance in their job functions based on their preferences.

Coaching Managers

Awareness of internal motivations will empower managers to be more effective in their roles. When supervisors understand the Profiles of their direct reports, they can use the insights to create alignment between the person’s job responsibilities and the influence they may be seeking to make based on their Thinking and Behavioral tendencies.

Associates can provide assistance to managers by sharing more tips to enhance their conversations with staff. In addition to the strategies above, I recommend using the Attributes in Action Guide How To Fuel Your Motivation in Emergenetics+ as part of the coaching discussions.

Supporting Teams

It’s likely that each person in a group will have different Thinking and Behavioral preferences. Holistically assess the initiatives of a team through the lens of the motivations of each Attribute so that all members can recognize and celebrate their collective influence.

Associates can partner with groups to help them apply a WEapproach (or a Whole Emergenetics approach, where all seven Attributes are considered). Post sheets of chart paper around a room with each Attribute written on top of the page. This can also be accomplished using virtual whiteboards for remote teams.

Then, ask the group to add their responses to the question: What does “meaningful work” look like from lens of each Attribute? After the team is finished, write down and circulate their answers so that they may use the responses to motivate one another as they approach new projects.

Finding purpose through one’s job function is not simply a “nice-to-have” experience. It can make a significant difference to the overall culture and performance of the business. By mindfully making connections between job functions and impact, employees will be more engaged and motivated to perform.

Discover how Emergenetics can empower you to cultivate a more positive, productive organizational environment. Learn about our Certifications programs or fill out the form below to speak with a team member today.

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