Desk with laptop, flowers, notebooks and lamp

Spring has certainly sprung in Colorado with flower bulbs popping up, the smell of gardens coming back to life and warmer weather on the horizon. As the world outside awakens, I can’t help but think that my indoor office space may need a little refreshing as well.

Whether it is spring cleaning time for you or the start of fall, I invite you to rethink your workspace this season. After all, it can have a significant impact on your productivity and satisfaction.

I imagine most of us have felt the stress that comes from a cluttered, disorganized desk or the physical or mental irritation that may stem from overly florescent lighting. By making small changes to adapt your environment, you can improve your mood and enhance efficiency.

As you evaluate your workspace – whether at home or in the office – I encourage you to utilize the Emergenetics® Attributes to make adjustments that will speak to your preferences. Let’s start with an insight from organizing expert Marie Kondo:

“The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.”

Consider what you want to accomplish in the future to inspire changes to your set-up, reflect on the energy of the room and identify how you would like to feel when you are at your desk. To process these decisions, engage the Expressiveness Attribute.

Expressiveness iconExpressiveness

For those in the first-third of Expressiveness, make time for introspection and think about what you would like your office area to look like. For those in the third-third, you may prefer to connect with a friend or colleague to discuss your plans. Those in the second-third often flex depending on your preference that day.


Next, I invite you to lean into the Assertiveness Attribute as you determine your approach. If you are in the first-third, you may prefer to clean up a little bit at a time and make steady progress. Those in the third-third typically enjoy tackling the project all at once, while those in the second-third could gravitate toward either direction.

Flexibility iconFlexibility

When it comes to Flexibility, individuals in the first-third often wish to map out a full plan for their space before making any updates. Those in the third-third may have some ideas in mind as they begin and are likely to adjust course during the process. Individuals in the second-third can appreciate either of these approaches.

With guidance from the Behavioral Attributes into how you might like to clean up your work environment, use the Thinking Attributes to inform some of your updates.


If you have an Analytical preference, I recommend that you evaluate the contents of your desk and only keep the essentials as Analytical thinkers tend to like uncluttered spaces. You could also consider hanging certificates, diplomas or awards that highlight achievements, or having a few books nearby from experts that you may wish to reference as you work.

Pen On PaperStructural

Those with a Structural preference often have a penchant for tidiness. You likely already have a place for everything and everything in its place. And, I invite you to reflect on your system and see if you could make any adjustments to improve your practices. You might also get inspiration from other office set-ups on Pinterest.

People talking bubbles iconSocial

The Social Attribute tends to work best when they can engage with others. Consider how you can bring those you care about into your work environment through photographs, artwork or mementos. You may also appreciate opening up your sensorium with plants or candles – just be mindful that the scents don’t affect any team member allergies if you are in a co-located workspace.

Light bulb with brain inside iconConceptual

Clutter-free offices tend to inspire the Conceptual brain as if the openness itself allows your ideas to flow! While your desk is likely to be relatively empty, I invite you to have a simple way to capture your thoughts through a whiteboard or having blank sheets of paper at hand. You might also want to identify an alternative location to get work done as a change of scenery often inspires this preference.

As we embrace a new season, I hope you take to time to consider what changes you would like to see within your space or more broadly in your work. I also invite you to reflect on how the Emergenetics Attributes can help you achieve your goals.

As a final source of inspiration to support the cleanup process, I will leave you with one more quote from Marie Kondo:

“Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest.”

If you’d like to learn more about how you can use Emergenetics to improve your workplace performance, fill out of the form below to speak with our team!

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