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Emergenetics comes from nature (our genetic tendencies to think and act in certain ways) and nurture (the importance of surroundings, upbringing, and socialization). And while most people familiar with Emergenetics think of this only in a business context, it can benefit any person anywhere. As Colin Yeow, Emergenetics International-Asia Deputy CEO, discussed in our last blog, we are the same people at home as we are at work.

But in the same way that Emergenetics is not confined simply to the business world, it’s also not confined just to adults. STEP (the Student/Teacher Emergenetics Program) is changing the education landscape and inspiring student learning one Youth Report at a time. Based on the Emergenetics insights that we all know and use, STEP integrates how kids prefer to learn and how teachers can facilitate an educational environment that enhances, deepens and provides authentic learning experiences for all.

And there’s lots of great work being done by our STEP Facilitators in schools around the world. This quarter STEP is celebrating Nancy MacHendrie, a STEP Facilitator and sixth grade reading teacher at Sagewood Middle School. Nancy is inspiring student learning by finding creative ways to successfully represent the language of Emergenetics with the younger generation.

One creative technique is having students create a mock profile for a character in a story they read in class. This serves as a way to assess the students’ understanding of character traits and their understanding of STEP.

According to Nancy, “My team has really had a great time working with STEP! The kids are so responsive and engaged in the lessons, and I find myself using the Emergenetics terms in conversations with my teammates and students regularly.”

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