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With the ongoing expansion of our digital learning courses, many of our clients and Emergenetics® Associates have been asking us: What is the best way to integrate egLearning Library curriculum into our talent development offerings?

My readers in the second-third of any of the Behavioral Attributes will probably appreciate my answer of: It depends.

Based on the goals a business, team or leader is striving to achieve, there are many options to thread these programs into employee development content. I also recognize that best practices and processes are helpful references for deciding when and how to use the courses. Let’s dive in!

7 Steps to Define the Implementation Plan

1. Determine the audience(s).

Understanding who will get access to egLearning course(s) is the first step. The courses can be a great fit for individual contributors, teams, high-potential employees, managers and leaders. Each organization and coach is likely to have different priorities when it comes to training each audience, so spend some time clarifying the personas who may complete the digital coursework.

2. Revisit learning & development objectives.

Along with understanding the who, take time to realign on why each group is taking part in different trainings and what they need. Is the intent to support a cultural shift? Are there core competencies that individuals need to develop? Perhaps teams are facing certain performance issues that they need to overcome. Reevaluate the desired outcomes and requirements.

3. Make connections to The egLearning Library content.

Having clarity into the goals will simplify the process of identifying which offerings are the best fits to support employee development. From building self-awareness and collaboration skills to boosting communication and motivation, our courses can address many workplace challenges. Using the library as a guide, start mapping training opportunities to the needs of each target audience.

4. Understand the parameters.

Step three will likely uncover a world of possibilities. Step four will illuminate any limitations that can help to narrow options. Pinpoint any constraints on the audiences that will be served with the eLearning courses, including time, competing initiatives and existing training requirements. Then, revisit the courses mapped in step three to select the top priorities considering these constraints.

5. Get input from stakeholders.

After outlining the priorities for each group, share the high-level implementation plan with different stakeholders. It’s especially important to spend time with members of each audience identified in step one to get their feedback on the proposed changes and hear their ideas to reach their learning objectives.

6. Determine the pacing.

With input from the people the training will serve, it’s now time to solidify the planning process.  Define the rollout strategy and timeline to introduce new coursework to existing learning & development programs.

7. Set a path and experiment.

Change does not usually happen overnight, so be mindful to determine a timeframe to test your changes or alternatively use pilot groups to analyze success before expanding the initiative. As data comes in, be open to experimenting with the structure or even different courses to optimize outcomes.

4 Applications of The egLearning Library

For some inspiration for your implementation plans, here are a few ideas to utilize egLearning Library content to boost performance.


Many of our clients use the Emergenetics Profile as part of their employee onboarding experience and have team members take part in an introductory workshop or a one-on-one debrief after watching their Emergenetics Fundamentals eLearning course. For new hires who may be just learning about Emergenetics, consider adding Ignite Your Preferences to the onboarding program. The course provides a quick, easy way to get up to speed and gain a better understanding of the nuances of the seven Attributes.

Leadership & Management Trainings

When people leaders understand the ways their employees prefer to think and behave, they can use the insights to better engage personnel. Empower managers and executives with the tools to flex their communication and collaboration style to staff by using Learn to Flex: Thinking to Build Connection and Learn to Flex: Behaving to Match Rapport. Cultivating Culture Through the Language of Grace can be a great addition to managerial curriculum or coaching by providing team leaders with tangible ways to adjust their approach to promote motivation and performance.


Embracing different Thinking and Behavioral styles is essential to cultivating a psychologically safe environment where people can share ideas, challenges and obstacles without fear. To promote inclusion and belonging within an organization, the Ignite Your Preferences and Learn to Flex courses offer insights into the gifts of each Attribute and provide specific strategies to communicate and collaborate with cognitive diversity in mind.

Team Development

Attending one of our introductory workshops provides staff with initial insights and tools to amplify teamwork and productivity. Build on their knowledge by introducing The egLearning Library as post-workshop curriculum. The courses can typically be completed in less than 30 minutes. Afterwards, groups can bring the worksheets they complete to their meetings to identify opportunities to improve teamwork, conflict resolution and performance.

Associates – don’t forget that you have access to Course Companions. These free resources share activities that can be conducted one-on-one or with groups after their digital experience, so participants feel even more equipped to use their new knowledge.

I hope the suggestions I provided sparked some new ideas, and they are just a few of the many use cases for The egLearning Library. Remember that our team is available to help select the best fits for your needs. Also, keep in mind that no matter what course employees engage in, they will gain tangible strategies to improve working relationships and productivity, so there is no wrong choice!

Want to explore our catalog of digital programs? Learn more about The egLearning Library – and be on the lookout for a fifth course launching this December! You can also fill out the form below to connect with one of our team members today.

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