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Depending on your Emergenetics preferences and values, you may have a different definition of success than your colleagues. The nuances between your perspectives and those of your team members or staff can have a significant impact on motivation and goal achievement.

Intuitively, it makes sense that when we are working toward objectives that support our interests and are meaningful to us, we will be more likely to be engaged in our work and strive to meet our targets. That’s why it’s essential to understand what success looks and feels like to others in order to find effective ways to motivate and support one another in reaching individual, team and company goals.

As you seek to inspire yourself and others, I invite you to consider the Emergenetics® Attributes to identify common themes to increase engagement on the path to achievement.

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Connecting Success to the Emergenetics Attributes


When it comes to achievement, those with a preference for Analytical Thinking may be most motivated to meet their goals when they see how the results impact bottom line outcomes for the organization. They may also feel a greater sense of accomplishment when they can grow or showcase their expertise in a particular area.

Pen On PaperStructural

Practicality and accountability are particularly important to the Structural Attribute. When individuals with this preference see how their work contributes directly to an outcome with practical, tangible benefits, they will likely feel a greater sense of fulfillment. Moreover, this Attribute appreciates a solid plan and the accolades that come with achieving it on time, as directed.

People talking bubbles iconSocial

When considering the Social Attribute, people are what matter most as individuals with this Thinking preference are often intuitively aware of others. To those who get energy from Social Thinking, success is often measured by the way their work and goals support stakeholders and improve the lives of others.

Light bulb with brain inside iconConceptual

Motivated by possibilities and experimentation, individuals who prefer Conceptual Thinking often feel fulfilled when they have an opportunity to try something that no one has done before. They may also feel a greater sense of achievement when their work connects back to big picture outcomes and opens new doors.

Two talking bubbles iconExpressiveness

For those in the first-third of Expressiveness, success may involve opportunities for reflection and one-on-one conversations to celebrate advancing their goals. Those in the third-third may feel more accomplished when they are celebrated in a public setting.

Car iconAssertiveness

Through the lens of Assertiveness, employees in the first-third are likely to feel a sense of pride when they have the opportunity to build consensus and a coalition around an objective. Those in the third-third may find feel more fulfilled when they are able to get an initiative across the finish line at a fast pace.

Arrow on sign pointing in different directions iconFlexibility

To those in the first-third of Flexibility, success may be described as seeing a decision through to its conclusion and staying firm and focused along the way. Those in the third-third are likely to feel accomplished when they have an opportunity to explore multiple paths forward and continue to make improvements throughout the process.

As we look to the future of work and what this year may bring, we can expect continued change as businesses pivot, shift and reprioritize. While that may mean we need to adapt our objectives frequently, one constant that will remain is the importance of motivating ourselves and others. By having a strong understanding of what success means to the different Attributes and speaking to their interests, you can identify strategies to shape your targets in a way that drives engagement and meaning to all staff – even as priorities shift.

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