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Our programs transform the experience of education.

Leadership and teaching quality are instrumental to the success of your students. When you deliver compelling professional development that gives your educators the tools to be more effective leaders and deliver insights that allow them to personalize learning to the needs of their students, you can see powerful outcomes for your school and district.

Emergenetics delivers tailored Certification and training programs to support your role. Whether you are an administrator seeking to encourage connectivity or a teacher who wants to improve your instruction, Emergenetics provides you with the foundational knowledge and skills you need to use our tools to affect positive change.

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Our programs empower you to:

  • Understand and value the assets of the seven Emergenetics Attributes
  • Expand your professional development and grow as a leader in your district, school or classroom
  • Use Emergenetics theory to personalize feedback, coaching and instruction
  • Communicate more effectively with your stakeholders, including colleagues, students and parents
  • Enhance social and emotional learning in your district, school or classroom

Explore Certification

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Administrator Facilitator Certification

Designed for school and district administrators, our Administrator Facilitator Certification empowers you to use the Emergenetics Profile to provide purposeful, collaborative professional development opportunities, support inclusion and build a positive, engaging educational climate for staff and students.

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Teacher Facilitator Certification

Our Teacher Facilitator Certification provides you with the knowledge and understanding to use Emergenetics theory and our Youth Report to enhance classroom dynamics, engage students, personalize learning to the needs of each individual and empower youth to recognize and appreciate cognitive diversity.

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Youth Facilitator Certification

Our Youth Facilitator Certification is designed for anyone who would like to use Emergenetics theory when working with children ages 10–18. In the session, attendees learn to empower kids with insights into their Thinking and Behavioral preferences so they may understand their strengths, value differences in others and gain tools to be successful in their living and learning environments.

Take Your Expertise to the Next Level

Associate Certification

Expand your knowledge and applications of Emergenetics by attending our Associate training. Our program delivers a blended learning experience, which includes a series of eLearning courses as well as live facilitated sessions led by an Emergenetics Master Associate. In our training, you will learn to:

  • Debrief Emergenetics Profiles to reveal individual Thinking and Behavioral preferences
  • Facilitate our introductory workshops:
    • Team Dynamics for Small Groups
    • The Meeting of the Minds
  • Address team and group dynamics through the lens of Emergenetics
  • Assemble cognitively diverse teams

Emergenetics in Action

“It's helped a lot knowing how to approach the students. I'm better equipped to appeal to their thinking preferences, and to assist them on seeing it from a different angle. I am highly structured. I keep my own preferences in mind when I'm reaching out to others and helping them.”

Marti Blackwell | Math Resource Teacher, Lincoln Avenue Academy

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