Multiethnic Group of People Planning Ideas

I figure you spend more time at the office than you do anywhere else in the world. That may be a scary thought, and probably slightly hyperbolic, but you certainly spend thousands and thousands of hours in the same space every year.

This environment and routine will become stale after certain amounts of time, especially depending on your preferences.

The workplace is filled with Social Thinkers and Conceptual preferences…or those who tend to welcome change from a Flexibility standpoint. What does excessive routine mean for these workers?

  • Are you providing enough social stimulus and connection points?
  • Can people see the big picture and experience new things?
  • Are there opportunities to break out of the ordinary?

So how about introducing something new, something fresh for your workforce? Use your conceptual brain for a corporate culture booster. These may seem like fun, non-business related topics, but they have real ROI. The cost of losing employees is incredibly high. SHRM states these costs reach upwards of 60% of an employee’s salary.

  • Host your staff meeting at the local park.
  • Cater breakfast for your employees.
  • Go to Training Camp of the local NFL team like our company recently did. We got outside and people could talk about another passion in their lives…football!

Concerned that this doesn’t seem like “work” because you aren’t cranking Excel sheets—take note that more productivity can follow by breaking out of the routine and developing a real corporate culture of openness (not just words on a website).

If our office is any indication, you will see both satisfaction and productivity raise when you introduce an alternative way to think about the office environment.

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