The Brilliance Series: Concrete

The Brilliance Series invites you to take a closer look at the Emergenetics® Attributes. Whether you are craving more information about your own Profile or are interested in better understanding the preferences of others, the series will offer insights to shine a light on the genius of each Attribute.

Concrete Thinking Overview

I’m so glad you’re ready to dive into these details! We use the term “Concrete” to describe a style where a person has a preference for Structural and Social Thinking.

When describing this style of thought, one phrase that sums it up is:

I’d love to share the experience with you, and please make an appointment first.

This sentiment tends to resonate with Concrete thinkers who are often driven by the diligence and practicality of their “Green” or Structural preference paired with the empathic, relational approach of their “Red” or Social preference.

Its Brilliances

A Concrete approach can offer so many benefits. A few of the strengths that come from this combination include:

A gift for organization

People with this inclination often have a capacity for bringing order to chaos and creating a sequential approach to move projects and people forward.

A talent for responsible time management

Time and people drive a Concrete perspective, so individuals with this tendency are often practical in their approach to ensure that they and others can realistically complete tasks and to do’s.

A capacity for comprehensive planning

With a keen attention to detail and the roles of each collaborator, Green-Red thinkers generally consider all the what if’s and create a feasible proposal and milestones to achieve goals.

A commitment to dependability

Letting others down or not following through on what they said they would accomplish is often distressing for a Concrete thinker, so they are usually recognized for their sense of accountability.

A knack for sourcing best practices

This combination of thought loves to work with examples, so they are often quick to find brilliant best practices by leaning into their networks and seeking out sources to avoid “reinventing the wheel.”

A New Way to Think About This Combination

To see how Concrete thinking works in action, I’ll share some specifics, using inspiration from music from the classic television show, The Golden Girls.

Motivating Concrete Thinkers

If you’re collaborating with a Concrete teammate or you have this tendency yourself, I invite you to find ways to honor the style by considering how the practices below can show up in your interactions.

Honor time commitments

Those with a Concrete perspective tend to be mindful of their calendars and schedule time to accomplish their many tasks. By meeting milestones and staying on track, they will be better engaged.

Connect to practicality and people

When initiating a project, explain how the work will have relevant, practical applications to their role or others’ roles, and discuss potential impacts to colleagues.

Be sincere and clear

Green-Red thinkers value genuine connections and clarity in their day-to-day. Leave sarcasm at the door and share rules, timelines, constraints and expectations to promote success.

Identify check-in points

Often, a person with Structural and Social preferences will want to connect to ensure everything is proceeding according to the plan. Make sure they know who they can check in with and at what intervals.

Integrate collaborative practices

Working on an island is typically not the preferred style of a Concrete thinker. Periodically schedule time to collaborate, discuss options and identify next steps.

Explore the details

Last and certainly not least, don’t limit the amount of information you share about a project. Providing as much background about the guidelines, needs and people involved will help build context.

Flexing into Concrete Thinking

Even if you do not prefer the Structural and Social Attributes, you can still make small shifts to empower others with this inclination to be their brilliant selves. Some actions you can take today include:

#1 – Learn about each other

Personal connections are important for those with a Green-Red preference. Sharing details about your life and asking after theirs will help promote a positive workplace.

#2 – Value inputs and feelings

It’s important to provide space to allow individuals to voice any worries they may have about the project, impact on others as well as their recommendations about how to move forward in a methodical way.

#3 – Follow through

To build trust, Concrete thinkers need to feel confident that people will adhere to the commitments they make to others.

#4 – Offer guidelines and methodologies

Rules and protocols are helpful for this combination of thought, as people with this tendency usually want to ensure they are meeting expectations. Guidelines allow everyone to thrive.

#5 – Value roles and obligations

We all wear many hats in our personal and professional lives. Concrete thinkers will feel more connected to their colleagues when these different responsibilities are acknowledged and respected.

#6 – Stay on track

Sticking to defined timelines and agreements will allow this style to feel more accomplished in the workplace.

When Concrete thinkers feel that their Structural and Social preferences are honored, it helps them shine, which has benefits for everyone in the organization! If you’re interested in exploring how you can celebrate and utilize the cognitive diversity for all your team members and their many preferences, I invite you to stay tuned for more tips from the Brilliance Series and explore our past entries by simply searching our site for “Brilliance Series.” There are so many details to uncover!

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