The Brilliance Series: Conceptual

The Brilliance Series invites you to take a closer look at each of the seven Emergenetics® Attributes. Whether you are craving more information about your own Profile or interested in better understanding the preferences of others, these blogs will offer insights to shine a light on the gifts of each Attribute. This week, we’re exploring Conceptual.

An Overview

I invite you to hop onto the tour bus as I take you into the world of the Conceptual Attribute. First, we’ll explore the scenic overlook to get a high-level view of this preference. Known for its appreciation of the big picture, Conceptual thinkers like to look toward the metaphorical horizon. They tend to be future-oriented and are energized by long-term vision.

Intuitive about ideas, Conceptual Thinking often makes connections between concepts and leans toward invention. It is usually intrigued by the unusual and the whimsical. And you may find that individuals who have this preference are quick to raise new concepts as many different thoughts share space in their minds all at once.

Some descriptors that are commonly affiliated with the Conceptual Attribute include:

  • Futuristic
  • Experimental
  • Imaginative
  • Theoretical
  • Visionary
  • Whimsical
  • Outside-the-box

The Inner Monologue

Conceptual thinkers typically appreciate multimedia experiences, so they are likely to enjoy this brief detour to watch a video, where I share more about the internal workings of their minds.

The Brilliances

As we drive further into the world of Conceptual Thought, we’ll look at some of the gifts that come naturally to this Attribute. Conceptual Thinking is generally known for finding connections between seemingly unrelated topics, weaving together common threads. In problem solving, Conceptual Thought has a propensity for exploring hidden possibilities when facing challenges.

Conceptual thinkers are often recognized for the gift of brainstorming, coming up with numerous options and approaches. They have an innate sense of which ideas will work and which ones may need further refinement.

Individuals with this preference typically set a compelling vision and are mindful of future impacts and considerations. In addition, they enjoy injecting fun and whimsy into situations, which can provide needed relief.


Conceptual thinkers are likely to get energized by this fork in the road, as we uncover the sorts of environments and actions that are most engaging for them. If Conceptual is one of your preferences, make a mental note of any suggestions below that you would like to integrate into your life. For those who prefer other Attributes, review these recommendations and identify opportunities to introduce them as you collaborate or connect with others.

Conceptual Thought is invigorated by experimentation. Having a chance to test out new or unproven ideas and adopting a trial-and-error methodology intrigues this Thinking style. Additionally, people with this inclination are usually more stimulated when they have the freedom to use their own approach, with limited guardrails and restrictions whenever possible.

They like to engage in ideation and have space to explore all possibilities. In fact, open-ended questions and what-ifs typically feel like a breath of fresh air to Conceptual thinkers.

Individuals with this preference are often motivated when they feel they are connecting into something larger than themselves. Having a meaningful vision and an understanding of their place in the bigger picture will likely intrigue them.

Flexing into Conceptual

In this final stop on our journey, I encourage those who do not have a Conceptual predilection to consider a few different roads they can take moving forward to create a more inspiring environment for this Thinking style:

  • Communicate ideas using visuals, multimedia and metaphors
  • Encourage open brainstorming and the opportunity to do something differently
  • Listen to concepts without judgment
  • Provide the big picture and skip the details
  • Invite tangents and fun
  • Allow for the freedom to arrive at an end goal in their own way
  • Keep things moving and changing regularly

Embracing the realm of Conceptual Thought allows you to benefit from the brilliant inputs that this preference loves to share, while also opening expanded and unique thinking patterns within your own mind!

As we conclude our tour, I invite you to join us again in two weeks as we delve into the Behavioral Attributes. In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with the other posts in our Brilliance Series.

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