The Brilliance Series: Convergent

The Brilliance Series invites you to take a closer look at the Emergenetics® Attributes. Whether you are craving more information about your own Profile or are interested in better understanding the preferences of others, the series will offer insights to shine a light on the genius of each Attribute.

Convergent Thinking Overview

When we describe a “Convergent” thinker at Emergenetics, we are referring to a person who has preferences for the Analytical and Structural Attributes. One expression that helps to illustrate this style is:

Make a plan and follow it.

Connecting the logic of the “Blue” or Analytical Attribute with the practicality of the “Green” or Structural Attribute, individuals who tend toward this style are often known for a methodical mindset that leads to efficient, useful conclusions.

Its Brilliances

A Convergent thinker who feels psychologically safe offers valuable gifts to their teams or organisations through their knack for:

  • Clear thinking – Delivering thoughtful, objective insights based on reason and feasibility.
  • Rational problem solving – Addressing challenges using data and logic.
  • Goal-oriented processes – Identifying effective plans that save time and achieve objectives.
  • Rigorous analysis – Providing thorough and systematic assessments.
  • Deductive reasoning – Starting with what is known to find plausible solutions.
  • Contingency planning – Recognising potential obstacles, outcomes and unknowns (as well as the probability of these possibilities) to optimise preparedness.

A New Way to Think About This Combination

To offer further insights into the Convergent style, I created a short video, sharing a song that is likely to resonate with those who have Analytical and Structural preferences.

Motivating Convergent Thinkers

Empowering individuals to work to the best of their ability begins by finding ways to honour and engage their preferences. If you enjoy a Blue-Green approach, I encourage you to use the tips below to amplify your own motivation. For readers who may be collaborating with someone with a Convergent inclination, identify opportunities to integrate the practices into your interactions.

  • Reinforce purpose and process – A Convergent thinker will likely feel more connected to their work when they understand the intention behind their tasks and have specific milestones to achieve.
  • Speak to value – People with this tendency usually become engaged when they know they are contributing to something with bottom-line and practical benefits.
  • Identify objectives and timelines – Individuals with Analytical and Structural preferences typically appreciate understanding the goals they are striving for and having a realistic timeframe to achieve them.
  • Embrace their problem-solving curiosities – Mental analysis often appeals to this combination of thought, so employees with this style are likely to be energised when they have an opportunity to undertake a challenge and identify potential solutions.
  • Encourage questions – Whether seeking a greater understanding of the purpose or the details, creating space for questions will allow people with Blue-Green preferences to better process information.
  • Respect roles and expertise – Recognising the knowledge and responsibilities of a person with Analytical and Structural preferences helps them to feel seen and heard.

Flexing into Convergent Thinking

Those who do not have an Analytical or Structural preference can lean into the brilliances of these Attributes. Use the tactics below to flex into a Convergent style and promote an atmosphere where Blue-Green thinkers are celebrated.

  • Dig into the why and how – Consider the rationale and processes that will support success for any project, decision or task.
  • Be clear – Clarity is kindness. Offer specific direction and precision whenever possible when communicating or providing guidance.
  • Share all the facts – Share all that is known about a situation, endeavour or task to provide context.
  • Explore best practices – Seek inspiration from experts and source examples from successful organisations to enhance brainstorming or process improvement.
  • Organise your thoughts – Try putting your ideas and communications in a sequential manner with the high-level purpose up front and logical next steps and timelines to follow.
  • Stay on track – The Analytical Attribute appreciates when others get to the point while the Structural Attribute will be grateful for a discussion that brings closure to one topic before starting another.

While it may require some practise to apply a Convergent approach if it is not your natural inclination, it is well worth the effort. Taking steps to demonstrate your commitment to supporting Blue-Green thinkers will lead to a workplace where they feel respected and motivated to share their brilliant ideas and thoughts. That sort of environment will help everyone in the organisation to work more productively and positively.

Learn how you can curate a culture where each person can contribute their brilliances. Explore our website or fill out the form below to chat with our team today!

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