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Our co-founder, Dr. Geil Browning, was inspired to create Emergenetics after serving as an elementary school teacher and principal. She knew that if she could understand the ways her students preferred to learn she could have had a greater impact on their educational experience.

Years later, she and Dr. Wendell Williams built the scientifically valid Adult Emergenetics Profile and a complementary questionnaire for students, ages 10 – 18, which is the STEP Youth Report. The Student | Teacher Emergenetics Program™ (STEP) has since been serving educational communities across the U.S. and beyond.

Equipping educators with information about how they and their students prefer to think and behave creates endless possibilities for differentiated learning inside and outside the classroom. With data at the core, STEP helps teachers and administrators meet the needs of each student. Utilizing different combinations of thought, intentional grouping practices and creating inclusive environments, educators can build relationships grounded in cognitive empathy and trust. With strong connections at school, student engagement increases, supporting academic outcomes and a positive view for the future.

Take the First STEP for Your Students

Our Youth Discovery Program is designed to enhance student agency, advocacy and engagement. Students between the ages of 10 and 18 can get a personalized STEP Youth Report and participate in our Youth Discovery workshop to help them understand their strengths, value differences and gain tools to apply in their learning environments. Your students will:

  • Gain understanding of their inherent strengths
  • Collaborate and communicate more effectively with others
  • Value cognitive diversity
  • Discover how to advocate for their learning preferences

Celebrate You(th): A Social Emotional Learning Curriculum empowers educators with a roadmap to use their students’ Youth Reports to expand social emotional skills. With three levels of curricula – one for elementary grades 5 – 6, one for middle school and one for high school – teachers gain a variety of 20-minute activities that they can easily implement in their day-to-day lesson plans.

Designed to celebrate each student’s preferred ways of Thinking and Behaving, the supplemental curriculum supports classrooms and schools by:

  • Strengthening student identity development and agency
  • Amplifying social emotional learning aligned to the five CASEL competencies
  • Improving school connectedness as well as enhancing culture and climate

Emergenetics in Action

“I've seen teachers embrace it and love it. It's a seamless thing. It really helps you connect to your students and understand where they're coming from, which means learning will be improved as a result.”

Debbie Canning | Teacher Resource Training Specialist, Polk County School District

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